Wet Shaving

The range of Wet Shaving Razors is now wide than it has been before. Both Male and Female wet razors are available from basic single use and throw away disposal plastic Razors to multi bladed self lubricating skin friendly razors. The images below provide link to some of the current best selling Wet Razors on the internet across the UK. To find out more about any of the different types of wet razors available, including Reviews and comments from people who have already bought and used the products, click on any of the images.

Wet Shave razors for men

Men’s Wet Shave Razors.

A range of replacement Blades for Men's Wet Razors

Mens Replacement Blades

A range of Wet Shaving Razors for Women

Ladies Wet Razors

Range of replacement blades for Womens Wet shave razors

Ladies Razors replacement blades

Shaving Foams and Shaving Gels for Wet shaving.

Range of Shaving Foams and Shaving Gels

Traditional Hair removal Shaving Brushes

Collection of Fine Traditional Shaving Brushes